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The Nature of Cities—Europe and The Nature of Cities—France are partner organizations to TNOC—Global. See Europe-related content at the bottom of this page. TNOC—Europe, a Registered Charity in Ireland, was formed in 2018 to work on projects specifically involving European cities. TNOC-France, a Registered Association in France, was formed in 2019 to lead in TNOC Summit; work on projects specifically involving French and Francophone cities; and be the lead on TNOC’s actions in events and the arts (FRIEC). Stay in touch: write us at: [email protected]

What We Do

The mission of The Nature of Cities is to curate joined conversations about urbanism across ways of knowing and modes of action. We create transdisciplinary, publicly available, and widely disseminated programs, events, knowledge, and engagements for green city making. We strive for cities worldwide that are resilient, sustainable, livable, and just. We work to achieve this by:
  1. Publishing open access, web-based articles, essays, and discussion forums by writers, thinkers, creators, and activists, focusing on ideas that are transdisciplinary and at the frontiers where science, design, planning, and art meet. Creativity in all forms and from all sources.
  2. Creating public symposia and transdisciplinary engagements designed to increase knowledge and citizen engagement in creative cultures, urban nature, planning, design, and placemaking. Recent events include TNOC Summit in Paris (June 2019) and the Food-Water-Energy public event in Sao José dos Campos, Brazil (September 2019), and an upcoming sponsored event in Osaka. See also our FRIEC page.
  3. Designing outreach, educational, and research materials for urban communities, city managers, practitioners, and researchers on the subjects of urban ecosystems, green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, and biodiversity.
  4. Creating programs that engage arts, culture, science, and action together in joined spaces.
  5. Conducting place-based projects with partner organizations in Europe and on a global scale, integrating ways of knowing and modes of action.
  6. Stimulating, engage, and provoke citizens, artists, planners, designers, and scientists to explore new ways to envision better cities—cities that are sustainable, resilient, livable, and just.
  7. Conducting place-based projects with partner organizations in various countries.
The Nature of Cities—Europe and The Nature of Cities—France co-publish at our partner site:

Our Directors

TNOC—Europe is a Registered Charity in Ireland (No. 621611). TNOC—France is a Registered Association in France (No. W843007753) See our Privacy Policy & GDPR Compliance here. TNOC-Europe Directors (2018-2019):
  • Marcus Collier, Dublin
  • David Maddox, New York
  • Siobhán McQuaid, Dublin
Members (governing board, 2019):
  • Pippin Anderson, Cape Town
  • Marcus Collier, Dublin
  • Martha Fajardo, Bogotá
  • Mike Houck, Portland
  • David Maddox, New York
  • Chantal van Ham, Brussels
TNOC-France Directors  (2019-2020):
  • Gilles Lecuir, Paris
  • David Maddox, New York
  • Valerie Gwinner, Vaison-la-Romaine